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Portable Axial Fan

Portable Axial Fan:

Portable Axial fanĀ at an excellent price, top of quality. High performance portable ventilator Low Noise Axial Fan is widely applicable in factories, basements, shipyards, farms, grain storage, chemical, Pharmaceutical, tobacco, tunnel, automobile manufacturing, auto repair factory, logistics, hotels, hotel kitchen, playground, shopping malls, bars, kiln, tile factory, steel factory, mining, plastic machinery, paper mills and other ventilation.It does not change the direction of the flow of media within the duct, and its air volume and pressure are very low, and its installation is relatively simple, unlike the general fan, and its fans can be equipped to speed up work efficiency. Fan motor and fan are in a cylinder. Then it is very effective ventilation and security, you can take the wind to the designated area This fan is mainly used for low wind pressure, air flow of the occasion.

Portable Propeller Ventilator:

1. Capacity cfm 1943
2. ASpeed 3300rpm
3. Static Pressure: 450pa
4. Motor Watts: 400
5. Motor Volts: 220