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Jet Vent Fans

Jet Vent Fans:

Jet FansĀ are used for Basement ventilation. The ventilation of enclosed or underground car parks fulfils two key requirements - remove the pollutants emitted by the cars and, in the event of a fire, control the hot fumes and gases produced by the fire, protecting the escape routes and easing access for the emergency teams. Jet Fans are an alternative to the ducted ventilation system and give the basement a lighter feel by eliminating the use of ducts. They can be used for normal ventilation and can also be provided for smoke extraction in case of fire. The fully integrated Jet Fan system from Crystal, includes three elements - some CO detection sensors, a control panel and a CFD analysis; these are the essential requirements to design the most suitable ventilation system for a specific car park.


1. Dual Use
     A. Regular use at ambient temperature
     B. Smoke extracon in case of fire
2. Motors: IP55 Class F / Class H
3. Impeller specially designed for low noise
4. Fan dynamically balanced for low vibraon
5. Reversible available on request
6. Customisable design
7. or low vibraon Customisable design
8. Fresh Air Fan and Smoke Spill Exhaust Axial Fan available

Jet Vent Fans

Jet Vent

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