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Belt Drive Tubeaxial Fans:

When a specification requires a belt drive tubeaxial fan, the crystal fan offers the solution. belt drive tubeaxial fans are ideal for industrial applications including process ventilation, general ventilation, moisture-laden air, fumes removal, dust removal, smoke removal, in-line duct boosting, contaminated air streams, and more. This aerodynamically efficient fan is available in diameters from 12″ through 60″, with belt drive capacities ranging to 54,000 cfm. The housing of the crystal fan is constructed of heavy duty welded steel and angle ring flanges, with a spark resistant, cast aluminum airfoil axial impeller.

Features & Benefits of Belt Drive Tubeaxial Fans

1. Spark resistant, cast aluminum airfoil axial impeller
2. Heavy duty welded steel and angle ring construction
3. Baked polyester powder coat finish
4. Mountable in ductwork in any position
5. Factory set adjustable pitch blades
6. TEFC industrial duty motor located outside of air stream
7. Self-aligning pillow block ball bearings
8. V-belt drives for low speed operation
9. Completely sealed belt tube protects sheaves and belts from air stream
10. Shaft seal & water slinger.

Accessories / Options

1. Horizontal mounting brackets
2. Vertical mounting brackets
3. Mounting legs
4.Companion flanges
5. Variable pitch sheaves
6. Impeller side guard
7. Motor side guard
8. Inspection door
9. Reverse flow construction
10. Motor cover and/or belt guard

Belt Driven Tubeaxial Fan

 Tubeaxial Fan

Belt Tubeaxial Fan