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Bifurcated Fans

Bifurcated Fans:

Bifurcated Axial Fans are used to keep the motor out of air stream because of the high air/gas/fumes temperatures. Bifurcated Fans are direct driven axial fans where the motor is encased in a central pod to isolate from the flow of air. Bifurcated Fans are ideal for exhausting or re circulating fumes, gases and hot air up to 80C to 200C continuous operation.  The Bifurcated Fan have following advantages: High Temperature Ratings Isolation of motor from heat or contaminants in the air stream. Easy to maintain


1. 400 mm to 1000mm Ø
2. Volume flow: up to 19 m 3 /s
3. Static pressure: up to 1000 Pa
4. Fan aerodynamic performance is certified to ISO 5801
5. Low installed noise levels
6. Operating temperature : 100°C to 200°C continuous
7. Hot dipped galvanised fan casings with integral flanges
8. Motor mounted outside the air stream
9. Available with IE2 motors as standard
10. Overheat protection (standard up to 1000mm Ø)
11. Motor protection IP55

Bifurcated Fans