Benefits of Ceiling fan

1. Require lower cost for investment, installation and maintenance than traditional cooling methods.
2. Cut energy consumption for heating. Provide eco-friendly and economic solutions.
3. Assist in the removal of contaminant and heat.
4. Help reduce condensation on floors and equipments.
5. Work coordinated with high velocity fans and other air conditioning systems.
6. Offer multi-fan control and adjustable fan speed.
7. Offer silent operation. Supply winter destratification and summer cooling.

Recommended Applications

1. Places Where Maximum Air Movement is Required (Farms, Animal Husbandry Facilities)
2. Large Buildings with High Ceilings (Warehouses, Hangars, Industrial Facilities, Malls, Shopping Centers, Sports Halls)
3. Intensively Used Areas Where People Come Together (Entertaining Centers, Cafeterias, Libraries, Museums,Theater, Opera, Concert Halls, Fair Exhibition Centers, Showrooms)